Private: Triogo Training – Next 6 week Triogo™

Event Date: November 6th - December 14th

..Always About You & What You DO

TRIOGO is world-class personal training created by Elite Movement Master, Donna Ognibene. It is Donna’s own unique signature brand of training that will quickly become your favorite and wanting more! Join our 6-week TRIOGO™ Training and Tuning Program this Fall! TRIOGO is a fresh alternative to traditional physical training and fitness. It draws insight and inspiration from a variety of exercise traditions that include Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Tai Chi which are then infused with the 3-dimensional, chain reaction movement innovation of Applied Functional Science. Included is foundational testing, support materials, and measurable results.

  • In the world of music and video, TRIOGO would be thought of as a mash-up in which content from different sources is mixed.
  • In the world of cooking, TRIOGO would be called fusion cuisine with its combining of elements from different culinary traditions.
  • In the world of visual arts, TRIOGO could be a type of street art that bends the rules with unsanctioned and transient expressions of creativity.
  • In the world of dance, TRIOGO might suggest fusion dance that integrates and experiments with a variety of dance styles.
  • In the world of sports, TRIOGO would likely be branded as freestyle with fresh new rules, daring, unpredictable, and innovative. TRIOGO is not just another “workout”. Rather it is a Train-Up experience that is ever changing and evolving, but always innovative, energizing, empowering, and satisfying.