SELF-TRUST… A MUST! Written on April 17, 2017 in Article

In previous articles I have shared challenges, struggles, observations, insights, and life lessons. As I continue to reflect on my personal journey as a Movement Specialist, I’ve come to realize that it all comes down to this, “Life is Movement”.

We move toward our goals. We move others with our words and actions. We move away from pain, fear, and guilt. We move toward happiness and wholeness of body, mind and spirit. We are empowered and emboldened to do these things by “self-trust”. We are challenged to be brave, be bold, and go beyond our comfort zone.

The ultimate definition of bravery is simply, “not being afraid of who you are or who you could become.” Real fearlessness is a product of tenderness – “the chance to feel love and appreciation for a shared moment” – Chodgyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

The tone of our current political and social climate has invoked a growing state of distrust and separateness. Our interconnectedness at home and work is eroding. Even the unique individual-ness within our own body, mind, and spirit is being compromised.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic clinics are increasingly seeing that disconnectedness and dysfunction in the wellbeing of their patients evidenced by cumulative stress, postural distortion, impaired function, neurological disturbances and chronic pain. Ergonomically speaking, there are growing imbalances between the capacity of our bodies and life’s demands. There seems to be a Gym, Yoga or Personal Training studio on every corner clamoring to help us work-out to get fit, lean, or fixed.

Fact is, flat screens, computer screens, and phone screens have hijacked our bodies, minds, and spirits, changed our priorities, taken control, and set the pace. Our lives are increasing, shaped by these devices. For all the external entertainment and help they provide us, they can harm us on the inside; even luring us into believing that personal problems can be solved by external solutions.

So we turn to our screened devices, lower our heads and retreat inward, narrowing our gaze and realities as we turn away from others. Did you feel your “self” just contract?

We have a choice. We can passively continue to allow our world to shrink inward or we can exercise bravery and expand it outward. It’s our move.

So, I’m starting a movement… a move-meant with purpose journeying toward “self and self-help,” Will you join me? Life is move-meant that is collaborative, collective and connected.

Here’s how “move-meant” for self begins and evolves:

  1. Allocate time to be away from technology – go outside, take to the great outdoors for an hour almost every day. “Younger Every Year” author, Chris Crowley, suggests a vigorous workout 6 days a week and “don’t eat crap”. No fasting, feasting, just fueling.
  2. Put your phone down any time you are with others, because do not need information in that moment. Be present in the moment. Show the person you are with that they matter more.
  3. Find the right environment for you to get healthy and strong. Notice I did not suggest a place to “workout”, but rather a place to work from the inside out – “insourcing”. A place to remove distraction, competition in order to regain a sense of inner balance, peace, and resiliency.
  4. If the eyes are indeed the “window of the soul”, treat them as such. Look beyond yourself. Look all around you. Look past the impulse to “get there and do…”. Don’t close yourself off by burrowing into the screen of a phone. Use your eyes to “be” in nature, and connected to those you are with.Take this moment to close your eyes. Imagine your self looking at your phone, computer, or TV. Imagine turning and walking away from that device. Take your self to a serene spot where you can relax… explore the beauty around you… slow your breathing… be still for a few minutes… slowly… slowing… down. Feel your self, your uniqueness and whisper a few words of wisdom to yourself just as you are right now. One easy mantra is “I am enough” or “I am right here and can relax into this moment”.In my recent classes, I shared something that keeps becoming more important to my work and relationships. Using movement as my vehicle, I strive to nurture, uncover, reveal, and bring out each individuals innateness.My own personal work is directed to developing and honing my awareness of what I “see” vs. what I want to “see” in an individual. While we cannot control all of the anger, hurt, and destructiveness outside of ourselves, we can build a reservoir of peaceful and purposeful strength. We simply must if we are to enjoy the most precious gift of all – our own health and wellbeing.It must begin within us by engaging in regular practice to gain courage and confidence to share and model our “being” with those around us.To maintain our well-being we need to frequently immerse our self into peaceful stillness; to be less responsive and reactive; to reorient and restore our being. Relax quietly without discontent or distraction or judgement. Be “ok” with your self and the moment. One of my mantras during times of uncertainty is “I am ok either way”. Who you are in the moment is “enough”.Keep showing up for your self. Keep moving your eyes and heart toward others. Keep moving toward ever greater self-respect, self-trust, and connectedness. Opportunities to feel love and appreciation in shared moments are about as good as it gets. It is just such moments that we each live for. So, start today to move. Keep moving. Life is movement.