Donna Ognibene

Fellow of Applied Functional Science* (FAFS)
Certified in Applied Functional Science* (CAFS)
Certified in Functional Manual Reaction* (FMR)
Certified Movement Analysis & Performance System Specialist* (3D MAPS)
Certified Personal Trainer – National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
Certified Instructor – Power Pilates Comprehensive
Mat & Equipment ^

(*Credentialed by Gray Institute); (^Credentialed by Master Trainers: Kathy Van Patten, Lolita San Miguel, & Nora Gomez-Dears)

About Donna

BodyTrio studio owner, Donna Ognibene, is a former gymnast, marathon runner, and middle school teacher. She has been professionally active in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. Her credentials include advanced certifications and expertise in Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, and Applied Functional Science.

Donna established BodyTrio in 2008 with a deep rooted passion for integrated movement and well-being for the whole person. BodyTrio was founded on 6 key foundational principles:

  • Holistic – Body, Mind, & Soul
  • Integrative body development – Health, Fitness, Restoration
  • Breath as the bridge between body and mind
  • Core-strength & Muscle-length
  • Mobility & stability = Most-ability
  • Build on Success …Bring out the best in people

Donna’s intent for BodyTrio was for it to become a Body of Work specializing in Bodywork that could be shared with people of all ages, body types, levels of ability, and aspirations. Since its founding, BodyTrio has become all that and more, much more… a destination and support system for those who want more out of life.

After a life changing injury and rehabilitation, Donna pursued her interests in Authentic Functional Movement, earning elite advanced credentials in Applied Functional Science (AFS) from the world renowned Gray Institute. AFS provides a framework for understanding 3-dimensional movement, chain reaction biomechanics, movement drivers, task and environment requirements, and the natural forces of gravity, mass and momentum, ground reaction, motivation, and individualization. AFS provides a systematic scientific process to individualize testing, treating, teaching, and training specific to any task /person, sport/athlete, or performance/artist, for purposes of enhancing health, fitness, comfort, confidence, competitiveness, injury prevention, restoration, and well-being. It quickly became Donna’s launching pad for comprehensive world-class services.

Donna’s extensive knowledge, skill, and eclectic experience has evolved to make BodyTrio more than a studio while earning it a reputation as a transformative place for programming and movement skill acquisition. Her unique approach to training has coalesced into her own unique, Signature Brand of Training, called TRIOGO™.

Outside of the studio Donna also:

  • Serves as an Ambassador for Lululemon – Athletica®, participating in their community events, creating customized classes, and sharing their manifesto for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • Is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), acting in commercials and films where she has been a Principal, as well as, Featured Actor in many films and commercials. Her acting highlights have included: being cast as Tina Fey’s Stand In for American Express with Martin Scorsese; and working closely with Cameron Diaz, Rob Lowe, and Mark Wahlberg, among many other highly regarded actors.
  • Serves as an advisor to Harvard’s Swim & Dive Team, working with both Coaching Staff and athletes to enhance performance.

Aside from her professional roles, Donna also enjoys time with family, friends, community events, the Boston arts, sports, an entertainment scene, and adventure travel.